About MeQuiet observer, Storyteller, Idealist dreamer.

Bio Jen Sosa

I am a woman who loves Love; the way a groom looks at his bride, the way an artist talks about his work with pride, or the depth of small thoughtful gifts exchanged between friends.

I grew up in New York City, where everything new and loud and bright is competing for your attention. Perhaps that’s why I tend to notice the small, but profound, moments when I’m behind a camera – those moments that are so often lost in the commotion of a wedding. 

Sometimes, I feel like an anachronism, a person misplaced in time. I love the aesthetics of mid century modern. The satellite radio in my car is set to the 1940’s station. I would pay any amount of money to have had dinner with Audrey Hepburn and Carmen Miranda, though they would look at my iPhone weirdly when I tried to capture the moment for my Instagram.

So this is who I am; a quiet observer, a storyteller, an idealist dreamer. I appreciate the little things. And I appreciate that you’ve allowed me a little bit of your time.