Atlanta Wedding // Natalie + Ed

There’s something about destination weddings that brings out something special in my work. Perhaps its because I’m in an unfamiliar place or the excitement of the unknown? Whatever it is, I always walk away with some of my favorite images.

I met Natalie & Ed last summer for their engagement session in Brooklyn. At the time I had just gotten my film camera and was playing around with it. Since they were staying in Queens I shot a couple rolls of film.

Seeing how stylish the two of them are, I was excited to see the outcome of their wedding. Plus I’ve never been to Atlanta. Let me tell you, they don’t call it Hotlanta for no reason. It was a scorching 106 degrees or so. I asked if we could shoot in their hotel. Luckily they booked a room at the stylist W Hotel. We didn’t have to leave the hotel till the ceremony. Score!! ┬áI typically enjoy shooting outside but shooting in a heatpocalypse┬áisn’t exactly cute.

Working with Natalie and Ed is so easy. Natalie joked that there was 3 people in this relationship, “Me, you and Ed.” They definitely took care of me like family. The weekend was a joy and I got a break from being in NYC.

Their wedding was coordinated by the lovely Eliana from EllyBevents. She’s so sweet and helped make this beautiful event come to life!

Ed couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He kept saying how beautiful she looked.