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Natalie+Ed | Engagement (film edition)

Natalie+Ed  | Engagement (film edition)
This summer I decided to pick up film for the first time. Every time I clicked the shutter I had a mini heart attack. Was it in focus? Did I do it right? What if I messed up the exposure?? Fuji or Kodak? 160 or 400? Sooooo many questions!! I asked Natalie+Ed to help me do a Fuji vs Kodak test. I can definitely see a difference. Kodak is more vibrant and contrasty whil[...]

Jill+Matt | London Engagement

Jill+Matt  | London Engagement
This was my first time ever going to the UK. I was so curious to see how it was different. Oddly enough I felt very much at home. I would get out of the underground and think wow it's like I'm in Times Square, the West Village or Brooklyn. Most of the sightseeing I did on the trip was during this shoot. We had clear skies and a day of fun. By the end, the 3 of us were[...]

Kate+Joe | Coney Island engagement

Kate+Joe  |   Coney Island engagement
I remember the day I met Kate and Joe at a coffee shop. It was as if we were old friends catching up. I enjoyed their company and hoped to see them again soon. When Kate emailed me a photo of her dress for the engagement shoot I practically started jumping up and down. I thought it was the cutest thing ever!! You could only imagine my excitement when I heard their pla[...]