Filmy goodness | Personal

Over the past few months I’ve been on a film kick. I figured, I spend so much time trying to get my digital images looking like film that it only makes sense to start shooting it. I was terrified at first. Using film can get expensive and what if I get it wrong and mess up the whole thing?? I asked a whole lot of questions and read a lot before finally diving in. Yesterday I got these in the mail and now I’m a believer. I tested out Kodak Portra 400 & 160 rolls and Fuji to compare notes. I even threw in a B&W roll to see what happens. It’s incredible to me that I can shoot, had these off to a lab and get this awesomeness back. Plus, film has magical qualities that I’m not sure digital can ever live up to.

Paola is a fellow wedding photographer in Utah Paola. You might even recognize Lindsay.

I think I used Kodak Portra 400 for the images below.

The next few were shot with Fuji 400. I found the colors to be more on the magenta side.

I also used 160 for both fuji and Kodak. Too bad I can’t remember ¬†which one was which.

Kodak Tri-x pan 400. I’m loving the grainy feel.

I was feeling adventurous enough to shoot a few frames at my last wedding. If I knew they would come out this good I would have taken a few more.

Below is Joann my lovely assistant for the day and Justin my second shooter.

Those tones kill me!!!

Oh and Paola was great enough to capture me shooting for the first time with my new Contax 645