New beginnings in LA

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve left my home in NYC.  I always get asked, WHY ? ! ? ! My first answer: the brutal cold. It made me want to hibernate all winter long. Secondly, as crazy as this might sound, I felt that New York was hindering me creatively. The 30 years of my life spent there were great but,  I felt that I needed to experience a new perspective.

These past 6 weeks have felt like a gift. It’s been a season to pause and reflect on my life as an artist. This year may look different than the past but, it’ll still be a year filled with growth, adventure and a whole lot of frequent flyer miles. Thank you all for being a part of this journey so far and encouraging me along the way.

I’ve put together a tentative NYC travel calendar. I’d love to photograph you while I’m in town. Email me if you’re interested.

Below are a few iphone photos from my time spent exploring this new city I now call home. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @Jensosa



Thank you Kassia Phoy for always taking such lovely photos of me and being my adventure buddy in this new city.


  • Elias said:

    Good meeting you. That flower Holding shot of you is uh maze in. If In nyc you'd be holding your hat on your head and your scarf to your neck. So smart move

  • Carmen said:

    Gorgeous portrait of you! ;)

  • Kassia said:

    <3 you