Patty + Chris | City Hall wedding | NYC wedding photographer

Today I photographed a couple who eloped and made me their witness!! How fun!  :)  We had clear skies and a fuuun time! I went back to DUMBO but was able to captured a different side of it. I hope it never gets old! Congratulations Patty + Chris!!

  • Omigoodness!
    First of all, these are great.
    Second of all, I totally saw this couple at City Hall on Friday! And you probably saw me too. I was the girl just sitting by the entrance waiting for my couple to arrive. Long story short, that couple got cold feet, but I was able to photograph a random couple who needed a witness.
    I am in the middle of finals, so I haven't gotten around to editing any photos, but here's my experience last Friday.

    Congratulations Patty and Chris! You looked so happy and in love, and I wish you the best in your marriage together.

    • Jen said:

      Thats so crazy! Its such a small world. Funny how you found me and remember Patty and Chris! I'm glad you were able to find a couple to fill in for the one who bailed out! Wish you all the best in your photographic endeavors!

  • Patty said:

    Jen, we had such a great time with you and Omar. We love these pictures and can't wait to see the others!

  • Sharon said:

    Patty and Chris look amazing. Let me know if you can purchase a print.