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To my surprise a few people have been asking me if I still shoot weddings. The answer is of cooooooourse!! I guess I haven’t been doing a good job at updating my blog with current weddings. My bad for with holding those goodies from you. It’s just that I’ve been shooting weddings for a few years now and wanted to shake things up a bit by posting more of these lifestyle portraits I’ve been doing lately.

I love light. I mean loooooove! You’ll find me observing the way light falls on your face as you talk to me, the way it highlights the backs of peoples heads like little halos as they cross the street, how it enters in from the side window and illuminates a friends brown eyes. It’s kind of an obsession. I have all these ideas of experiments I want to do. I guess I just need more willing subjects who enjoy being on the other side of the camera.

Buki and I met at one of the first few weddings I shot and have since become friends. ( This has since become a trend for me to meet some of my good friends at weddings and well instagram but I digress…) She was in town for a few days and seeing how she is a stylist and all I thought it would be interesting to make a last minute shoot happen. One of my observations is just how beautifully her dark skin absorbed the harshest of light. Also, it was actually a blessing that we had set our meeting for noon time because I typically avoid shooting then due to the strong shadows that are created. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed this new challenge. What made the challenge so much easier was having someone so graceful on the other side. It’s that perfect blend of grace and strength that made shooting in hard light that much more intriguing.

One of my favorite fashion quotes would have to be by Coco Chanel. “Fashion fades, but style remains the same.” Meaning when you shop intentionally for things you love it’ll always be timeless. Fashion is a trend, style on the other hand is a way of thinking. Out of curiosity I asked Buki her thoughts on style.  “Style to me is very much a story from within. It is illustrated outward with what I choose to adorn myself and the way I carry myself. Travel, People, Nature and Function inspire the way I dress.”

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  • Jen,
    These images are beautiful. Thank you for photographing me !