Family SessionThe Masciale’sLos Angeles


“Have you seen La La Land?! I think you need to see it!” This was a text from Krysta before she asked if we can  create a family shoot inspired by the movie. I pretty much booked tickets the next day. This series of images is from the third time I’ve photographed this family. After each delivery of photos I get a text message from this incredibly strong no-nonsense woman about how she ugly cried so hard yet again! This led me to believe, maybe I should be open to shooting more families.

I’m going to be honest. When I see family photos where everything is perfect, it doesn’t excite me. There isn’t a story that leaves me feeling curious. A perfect image is a photo of somebody. I’ve always been curious about capturing someone’s essence which is a little more complicated but I enjoy that adventure. One of the reasons I love photographing weddings is the storytelling aspect of documenting a special connection or event. I thought to myself, well what if you shot a family like a wedding? That is, document a connection between the members of the family in an environment they feel connected to.


As an introvert I don’t really speak much unless I have something important to say or need to make a connection with someone. My camera is the vehicle I use to  project the thoughts I don’t know how to articulate yet seem to translate in a way that produces hope and heals hearts. You see, I naturally see the best in people. It’s as if I’m able to cut through the walls of pain built up over the years and see the beautiful person for who they really are. That my friends is what I enjoy documenting. You see its an on going process but, I long to take photos that showcase beauty and cuts through the lies we tell ourselves. It takes a certain level of vulnerability to allow yourself to be fully seen and accepted just as you are but the result is pretty magical.

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