What if conference // Portland, OR

I don’t even know where to begin to describe this conference but I will try…

My first experience at Whatif  was in January. After a year of photographing my heart out, my creative tank was running low and I knew I needed to get inspired again. I left Cabo with my mind blown and my heart overflowing all while making great friendships in the process. Shortly after, I found out there would be a part 2 only six months later.  I was on the fence and thought to myself,  I can’t really do 2 in one year right?? Then I remembered how awesome Jenn and Steve Bebb are and thought….yeeea, I don’t want to miss this one either. Fast forward to 6 months later…It seriously couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  Can I just say that the conference barely even started and I already felt renewed. Spending a few days around other artist-preneurs and hearing their stories is such a gift. You are reminded that you are not alone. Some have struggled a lot more than you have, yet still went on to do incredible things. It isn’t surprising that almost half of the group came from the first conference in January. We all agreed that Portland was as good or even better than the first! I don’t know how Jenn and Steve Bebb do it, but I’m grateful for them for being so passionate about bringing out the best out of others, and making a difference.

If you’re an entrepreneur who happens to be an artist, you should really thinking about going to the next one in February. It will truly rock your world, kick your butt and change the way you view your business.

While in Portland, I challenged myself to shoot film in a way I have not done before. I tried shooting double exposures, direct light and hand holding up to 1/15 of a second. I also took advantage and got some portraits. Getting these film scans we like Christmas morning in my inbox. It reminds me to always take a few risks and get out of my comfort zone. Most of these images were actually taken right before the conference began. I was making new friends and reconnecting with folks from the first conference.

Fer Juaristi took us on a photo walk to demo how he works with a couple. I was inspired to not be afraid of direct light or shooting with a smaller aperture.